Monday, 7 January 2013

Conservative America's premature death notice

In all the liberal crowing since Barack Obama's re-election, something rather obvious seems to me to have been overlooked.

The fact of that victory, some positive results for gay marriage propositions, and the purported impact of demographic change have widely been taken as omens heralding the birth of a progressive millennium.

But it rather seems to me that while the rise of, for example, hispanic population share, may indeed be a good thing for the Democratic party, that is by no means the same as it being a good thing for ideological liberalism. 

After all, the places that vote for acceptance of gay marriage, are almost always (Maryland being an exception) full of the much disdained old white people.

The thoroughly bourgeois Barack notwithstanding, if US minorities are ever to transcend Democratic patronage and actually influence the direction and policy of the party, it is by no means clear that this is better news for liberals than it is for the Republican party.

I find it hard to believe I have not seen anyone reflect on this anywhere. Can it really be that the poo-bahs of the liberal establishment truly conflate their own agenda with the interests of Union Labor, minorities, and other blocs within their vote?

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